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Social Investment

  • $321m
  • To improve the lives of our most vulnerable people.
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Mental Health

$116 million to test different approaches to how we engage with those people who have mild-moderate and severe mental health needs to help build a better picture of client needs and service gaps.

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Helping kids to have a better start in life

$73 million to support children who are most at-risk of poor life outcomes by providing them services at an earlier age.

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Reducing reoffending and improving long-term outcomes

$79 million to support those at-risk (outside and within the prison environment) and helping them onto alternative pathways. Including $14 million to reduce youth offending and $33 million for burglary prevention.

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Addressing barriers to employment and independence

$54 million to provide more intensive support and improve access to services. Includes $18 million to increase contraceptive access for women on low incomes.

In May the Prime Minister outlined a new set of 10 Better Public Services targets. The new targets include:

  • Improving the literacy and numeracy of children – focusing on higher achievement of students in year 8.
  • Reducing the number of hospitalisations for children 12 and under with preventable conditions.
  • Having 90 per cent of pregnant women register with a Lead Maternity Carer in their first trimester.
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