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Solid economic expansion

High inward migration together with large numbers of tourist arrivals and low interest rates support growth in private consumption, services exports and investment.

This, along with rising inflation and the terms of trade remaining at a high level, support nominal GDP, tax revenue and a steadily improving fiscal position.

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Rising surpluses

The 2016/17 OBEGAL surplus is expected to be similar to the previous year, surpluses are forecast to continue to rise across the forecast period, reaching $7.2 billion by 2020/21 (2.2% of GDP).

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Net debt declining

Net core Crown debt is expected to decline as a percentage of nominal GDP over the forecast period, to stand at 19.3% by 2020/21 and meet the Government’s fiscal target of net debt at around 20 per cent of GDP in 2020.

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My Tax Dollars

Understand where your tax dollars are being spent.

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What We Spend

Explore a breakdown of the government's expenses.

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What We Earn

Explore a breakdown of the government's revenue.

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