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How do the tax changes affect superannuitants from 1 April 2018?

Changes to personal income tax thresholds will increase the after-tax rate of New Zealand Superannuation. As a result, the weekly rates of New Zealand Superannuitants (for those on tax code "M") are estimated to increase by:

$13.10per week
$7.90per week
$8.50per week
for a married/civil union couple
for a single person sharing accommodation
for a single person living alone

These increases are in addition to the annual adjustment of New Zealand Superannuation rates which occurs on 1 April each year.

Superannuitants receiving income from other sources, such as work, may also benefit from the income tax threshold increases with higher after-tax incomes.

How do the Accommodation Supplement increases affect superannuitants?

Around 15,000 superannuitants will benefit by an average of $29 per week from the increases to maximum Accommodation Supplement amounts.

To estimate how Accommodation Supplement payments may change from 1 April 2018, there is an updated Accommodation Supplement calculator on the Working for Families website. Go to -

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