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Budget Speech

The Budget Speech is the Budget Statement the Minister of Finance delivers at the start of Parliament's Budget debate. The Budget Statement generally focuses on the overall fiscal and economic position, the Government's policy priorities and how those priorities will be funded.

Budget Speech
Published: 25 May 2017
Also published on the Treasury website.
Budget Speech
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Mr Speaker

I move that the Appropriation (2017/18 Estimates) Bill be now read a second time.

It is an honour and a privilege to present my first budget to the public of New Zealand - the ninth of this National-led Government.

In doing so I acknowledge my predecessor and our new Prime Minister Bill English for his hard work and leadership in facing down the decade of deficits, bringing New Zealand successfully through the Global Financial Crisis, and responding to the impacts of the Canterbury earthquakes.

Bill English is widely seen internationally as one of the world's best Finance Ministers of the last decade.

Mr Speaker, the 2017 Budget is about "Delivering for New Zealanders".

It is New Zealanders who have worked hard over the last eight years, who have made sacrifices, and who have turned this country around in the most trying of circumstances.

It is New Zealanders who are striving to build a more confident, more robust country.

This budget is about delivering more of the public services, the infrastructure, the resilience, and the incomes that New Zealanders need to get ahead and to provide for their families.

This budget is about the opportunity we have to build on the platform we have all created and deliver greater prosperity for New Zealanders.

Budget 2017 is possible because of the constructive working relationships the National Party has with United Future, the Māori Party and ACT. I want to acknowledge their continuing support and contribution to strong and stable government.

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